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Lincoln Fence Pros

Are you in need of a quality Fence Company in Lincoln, NE?

Welcome to Fence Company Lincoln NE where we specialize in fence repairs and installations.  If you want a personalized touch when it comes to your fencing, contact the best in the business.  Clients rave about the high level of customer service offered.  With other companies, you get lost in the sauce.  With us, your hand will be held every step of the way.  Every client is assigned to a project manager who does just that.  They make sure that no one falls through the cracks.  Every i is dotted and every T crossed.  When you contact us, you won’t need to press 50 buttons to speak with a live representative.  Our team is personable and knowledgeable.

About Us

We are well known for fence repair in Lincoln NE.  If you’re seeking a superior fence company in Lincoln NE, you’ve come to the right place.  Our company has been family owned and operated since 1989.  We are licensed bonded and insured to operate in the state of Nebraska.  It has been a pleasure to serve Lincolnites for over 30 years.  Fencing in Lincoln is very common.  Fence Company Lincoln NE is rated number one in customer service.  We are the only fencing company that offers these unique assortment of services.  For commercial, residential and industrial fencing services, contact us.

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    Our Services

    We offer comprehensive fencing in Lincoln NE.  Choose from vinyl, wood, aluminum and steel fencing.  Field fences are available for farmers specializing in agriculture or livestock.  Consider a privacy fence for your home.  They offer privacy and security. We assist with the accessing the appropriate permits for your installation.  Design services are included in each new installation.  You are welcome to contact us for long lasting fence repairs.  Fence Company Lincoln NE offers the unexpected when it comes to unique fence design.  A dedicated project manager is assigned to each client.  For more information about our products and services, contact us today.

    Wire field Fencing
    Chain Link Fence
    Fence Installation

    Fence Installation

    American Fence in Lincoln NE has a reputation for working on large contracts with fervor.  They have a tendency to forget about the little guys.  Lincoln Fence Pros appreciates all its clients.  We take every job and fence installation seriously – big and small.  You don’t need to have an expansive budget to get our full attention.

    Fence Repair

    We repair all fences regardless of the level of damage.  Fence Pros has a reputation of passing on smaller jobs and prioritizing expansive projects.  A good fence provides the security that most people so desperately crave.  When your fence is in disrepair, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our team is versed in wood, metal and vinyl fencing.

    custom steel gates
    County style wooden fence. White fence and green grass
    Wood Fence

    Vinyl Fencing

    Many customers prefer vinyl fencing because it requires less maintenance than wood and metal.  A light water spray is all that is required from year to year.  Today’s vinyl resembles wood more than ever before.  There are hundreds of hues to choose from for your vinyl fence.  They work amazingly for residences and businesses.

    Wood Fencing

    Lincoln Fence Pros can use a variety of hardwoods to construct your fence.  The 3 most popular are white oak, cedar, and pressurized pine.  Red cedar is a favorite for many of our customers.  The refreshingly unique scent, color, and texture are unforgettable.  We offer wood repairs throughout the year.  A gorgeous wood fence will enhance your curb appeal dramatically.

    Wire Field Fencing
    Chain Link Fence
    Quality Fence Lincoln Ne

    Chain-Link Fencing

    This type of fencing is quite seductive.  To get what we are putting down, you must consider that chain link fences can be coated in vinyl for a unique appearance.  Choose from hundreds of colors to complement your home’s exterior.  Vinyl slats and faux shrubbery can be incorporated to increase privacy and add a bit of allure.

    Steel and Aluminum Fencing

    Quality Fence in Lincoln NE outsources its materials and assembles it upon arrival.  Fence Company Lincoln NE manufactures fences in-house.  We are able to customize steel and aluminum fencing for all or clients.  Each installation can be designed according to your unique specifications.  Choose from over 100 powder coated colors.  We also offer galvanization to prevent rusting.

    Steel Aluminum
    White Picket Fence Lincoln NE
    Wood Fence

    Barbed Wire and
    Field Fencing

    Contact us to repair barbed wire on site.  We keep most materials well stocked at our facility, so you will never have to wait a week for parts to arrive.  Fence Company Lincoln NE provides field fencing for several farms in the area.  Don’t let your fencing fall apart.  Protect your property with affordable barbed wire and field fencing.

    Fencing Prices

    To obtain an accurate quote, email us for a free estimate.  All new customers are eligible to receive a complimentary consultation.  A product specialist will arrive to survey your property and present you with product samples.  Chain link is our least expensive fencing option.  Steel fencing remains to be our most expensive.  For information you can count on, make an appointment for a free estimate.

    “I was looking for fencing companies near me.  Fence Company Lincoln NE was one of the first 5 companies to populate in the search.  I was surprised at how friendly the contractors were.  I learned more about fences than I ever thought I would.  My cedar fence looks amazing!” – Abe H.

    “I wanted to have my fence re-stained.  I was new to the area and didn’t know if there were any quality fencing companies in Lincoln NE.  I stumbled upon Fence Company Lincoln NE.  They pressure washed, stained and sealed my fence in one day.  The value was beyond what I could have ever expected.” – Horace K.

    “We were building a new retail complex in Lincoln.  The developers wanted a tasteful fence to surround the property.  Fence Company Lincoln NE did a great job and collaborated with the other contractors on site.  We have 3 more projects slated within the next 5 years.  Our company has already decided to contract them again.” – David O.

    Contact Us Today

    We invite you to contact us for superior design services.  Our competitors offer a paint by numbers consultation.  Fence Company Lincoln NE paints a masterpiece.  We are well known in the Lincoln community for designing fencing that represents the client’s personality.  Since we are all works of art in our own right, we feel that your fencing should be reflective of that.  Fence repairs and installations are available for businesses and homes.  We work with detention centers, academic institutions, airports and nuclear power plants.  Our team possesses the ability to install fencing for a single home or multi unit dwelling.