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Wood Fencing

Wood Fence

Although there are a few substitutes on the market, there is nothing like a wood fence.  The smell, the texture and the appearance cannot be duplicated – try as they might.  Many people tend to shy away from wood fencing due to the maintenance factor.  However, if you don’t have the time or resources to care for a wood fence, we’d be happy to take that responsibility off your hands.  Wood is a renewable resource, making wood fence costs affordable.  Our most popular wood fence happens to be the cedar fence.  Customers enjoy its unique smell and aesthetic.

Wood Fence Styles

Since we fabricate customized fencing in house, we are able to produce a variety of wood fence and chain link fence styles.  We invite you to peruse our digital portfolio to gain a better understanding of the breadth of our work.  For more inspiration, search Pinterest and create a mood board.  This will become very helpful during the initial free consultation.  There are quite a few wood types to choose from as well.  Pressurized pine is a viable option.  It is durable, moisture resistant and has a lengthy life span.  White oak is a better option for customers with horses because they like to chew pine.

Cedar Fence

This is our most popular type of fencing.  In our humble opinion, red cedar is the most beautiful wood selection one can make.  Red cedar resists rot extremely well.  It will not shrink or warp like white oak.  Clients love it for it’s scent, texture and durability.  Cedar is naturally moisture resistant.  This is great during the spring months when Nebraska experiences frequent downpours.  The organic oils inherent in the wood repels insects.  This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your fence longer.  The product specialist can present all the cedar options available to you during your free consultation.

Value and Curb Appeal

Wood fencing is a wonderful value.  When compared to the cost and benefits, many customers prefer wood fencing.  It satisfies all your needs for privacy, demarcation, security and protection.  It simply requires more maintenance than other types of fencing.  Fence Company Lincoln NE can draft a regular maintenance agreement to ensure that your fence will not prematurely fail.  You will never have to worry about staining and sealing because we will take care of that for you.  Beautiful fencing enhances your curb appeal.  It increases the value of your home and your neighborhood.  Areas with well maintained fences have higher comps than those without.

Intimacy and Aesthetics

Wood fencing can be whatever you want it to be.  It can shield out the world and allow you to control your own environment.  Once you close the gate, become enveloped in privacy and intimacy.  Wood fencing can be more than what you’re accustomed to seeing.  It can be a direct reflection of your personality and tastes.  Allow us to show you what wood fencing can do.  If you think wood fencing is boring, that’s because the owners are the last people on earth to get the party started.  Wood fencing can be tasteful, ornate, traditional and modern.  Contact us today to learn more.

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