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Vinyl Fencing

White Picket Fence Lincoln NE

When you need a vinyl fence in Lincoln, Nebraska, call on us.  Fence Company Lincoln NE is your friendly, local, neighborhood fencing company with a personal touch.  There are other fencing companies you can choose.  When you select our competitors, the process will be extremely transactional.  As a family owned and operated business in Lincoln for over 30 years, we make an effort to treat our customers like kinfolk.  We will never attempt to convince you to purchase unnecessary products and services.  Our workmanship, components and materials are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Vinyl Fencing Characteristics

Hundreds of customers prefer vinyl fencing for its durability and appearance.  With customized vinyl fencing, you get a wood-like fence without the maintenance.  Vinyl is a petroleum based product.  It will withstand Nebraska’s severe wind and cold climate without issue.  Vinyl is not susceptible to the freeze and thaw cycles that wood endures.  UV inhibitors are added during production.  This prevents rusting and fading while the fence endures harsh UV rays throughout the year.  Vinyl fencing can be painted in a variety of colors.  Customers can select for over 100 different hues.  You will find our fences to be realistic in appearance.

Customized Vinyl Fencing

Fence Company Lincoln NE sources its materials for a local manufacturer.  This helps cut costs because we don’t have to account for exorbitant shipping costs in the final product.  We have a production facility in Lincoln where we customize fencing for residential and commercial clients.  This is where we bring your vision to life.  The design team begins the process with a free consultation.  She will hash out the details and request your wish list before commencing the project.  By using CAD software your idea become 1 dimensional.  It is then transformed into a 3 dimensional design for you to enjoy.


White Picket Fence Lincoln, NE


The proverbial home with 2 kids, a dog and a white picket fence is still a preference among families.  We all want the idyllic dream.  Fence Company Lincoln NE can give it to you.  Select the appropriate height and picket style.  We will take care of the rest.  Our team will file the appropriate permits and make sure not to tap into utility and power lines.  Vinyl fence costs are extremely affordable because we create your customized fence in house.  You don’t have to rely on a middle man when having your fence installed.  If you like the picket fence style but would prefer something a bit different, select from an array of colors.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Most people want a fence as a property demarcation line and for security.  Fences are also useful to restore privacy.  Whether you are an introvert or a recluse, consider vinyl privacy fencing.  It’s okay not to share everything with everyone.  Be in your home without being observed by neighbors and people passing by.  Vinyl privacy gives you more control over your property.  Select from full or partial privacy.  The product specialist will go over the various heights and discuss the best look to complement the pre-existing architecture.  Various colors and styles are at your disposal.  Contact us today to learn more about vinyl fencing.

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