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Fence Installation Lincoln NE

There are several different wood fence options to choose from.  Don’t settle for what your neighbor has installed.  They have different tastes and needs.  Your fence should be a representation of your personality.  If you are vibrant and spontaneous, let your fence be unexpected and colorful.  If you are subdued but reliable, select a fence in a neutral tone that mimics your property’s architecture.  While pressurized pine is the most popular wood fence choice, cedar is our absolute favorite.  The natural oils in its timber repels insects.  It’s moisture resistant and we love the color, scent and texture.

Our fencing services include:

  • Fence Installation Lincoln Ne
  • Vinyl Fencing Lincoln Ne
  • Wood Fencing Lincoln Ne
  • Chain-Link Fencing Lincoln Ne
  • Barbed Wiring & Field Fencing Lincoln Ne
  • Steel & Aluminum Fencing Lincoln Ne

Believe it or not, chain link fencing can be sexy.  It’s not everyday that you hear fencing referred to as sexy but it’s true.  The way red vinyl wraps around the galvanized diamonds is seductive.  How faux shrubbery weaves in and out is appealing to the eye.  We’re saying this because it’s true, not because we love what we do . . . okay, that’s a part of it too, but you get the picture.  Come to Fence Company Lincoln NE where fencing is unique and unexpected.  We make chain link fencing look good.  Consider ornamental steel and aluminum for something a bit more decadent.  For a complete menu of services and prices, contact us today.

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