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Steel & Aluminum Fencing

Steel Aluminum

Fence Company Lincoln NE is well versed in ornamental fencing.  This type of fencing is great for pools academic institutions and multi family dwellings.  We have certified welders on board, capable of working on site or at our facility.  We are your go-to fencing contractors in Lincoln with a personal touch.  Other fencing companies are so large, that it’s easy for them to forget about you.  When you select us, we will hold your hand from start to finish.  Free consultations are available to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Steel Fencing

This type of fencing comes in a variety of styles and colors.  The most typical color is black.  Most of our clients choose very traditional styles when it comes steel fencing.  We invite you to get creative.  Because we fabricate fencing in-house, we can produce anything that you desire.  Silver, bronze, gold, pewter and green would enhance your curb appeal.  Ornamental, contemporary, baroque and modern and traditional steel fencing are just a phone call away.  Steel fencing is less expensive than you think.  Schedule a complimentary consultation today.  We will provide you with a free estimate.

Aluminum Fencing

If you desire a fence that is simultaneously light weight and sturdy, aluminum fencing is your best option.  It can be powder coated in any color you can think of.  There are over 100 hues available.  If you’d like a custom color, we can create if for you.  This type of fencing is wonderful for commercial and residential properties.  It is just as appropriate for a homes as it is for academic institutions.  Aluminum fencing is extremely versatile.  It can be ornate, simple, modern or traditional.  It can be incorporated into brick, stone or timber.

Decorative Fencing

Prior to the initial consultation, most clients believe that decorative fencing is reserved for the rich and famous.  They schedule a free estimate with their minds set on wood fencing, but their hearts are fixated on an ornamental steel fence.  Once the product specialist starts running numbers, they become excited when they realize that they may actually get their heart’s desires.  Decorative fencing adds serious curb appeal to any home.  It will elevate the appearance of your business while encouraging potential customers to explore.  Add an ornamental gate with your logo or family crest for a complete transformation.

Powder Coating and Galvanizing

To prevent rusting, galvanization is the way to go.  Metal is dipped in a hot bath of zinc.  This ensures that your fence withstands decades of cold and wet Nebraska winters.  Powder coating can best be described as paint in a powder form.  It’s sprayed on and then cured with heat.  We use powder coating any time a client requests a custom color.  Gorgeous hues of blue, green, gold, bronze, and yellow are created with powder coating.  Galvanized metal can be covered with vinyl for an extra layer of protection.  To learn more about powder coating and galvanization, contact us today.

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