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Barbed Wire & Field Fencing

Wire Field Fencing

Barbed wire is an inexpensive way to access premium security.  It is most commonly seen at auto repair shops and surrounding detention centers.  Barbed wiring sends a clear message to anyone thinking of trespassing to keep out.  Intruders sustain injury to their bodies and damage to their clothing when attempting to penetrate barbed wire.  Fence Company Lincoln NE installs sturdy field fences for farmers and ranchers.  Protect your livestock and harvest with a professionally installed field fence.  A sturdy and well designed field fence allows you to live in peace with your neighbors.

Barbed Wire Gate

We can install a barbed wire gate to complete your chain link fence.  This will act as an additional security barrier.  Our gates are priced below market value.  If you’d like to install multiple gates, the price is encouragement to do so.  When plastic, fabric and debris gets caught in the blades, your maintenance staff may have difficulty removing it.  If they happen to disarrange the circular pattern, we can repair it on the spot.  Contact us for barbed wire repair today and a fence technician can arrive tomorrow.  Customers rarely have to wait for parts to come in.  Our installations and repair are swift because we stock all the components needed.

Farm Fence

Enlist Fence Company Lincoln NE to install a farm fence constructed of sturdy timber.  Even if you have acres of property to secure, we can make it affordable for you to keep your livestock safe from wild animals and predators.  Keep pests away from valuable crops with a sturdy fence.  We can create partitions for your animals to prevent overgrazing.  Farm fences allow customers to maintain peace with their neighbors.  You won’t have to worry about receiving complaints due to wandering grazers.  Farm fencing can be constructed of any material you desire.  Timber happens to be the most popular around these parts.

Barbed Wire Applications

Our barbed wire clients vary greatly.  Operations managers for detention centers, airports and utility companies have contacted us to install barbed wire on their properties.  Federal buildings and nuclear power plants have also taken advantage of the added security of barbed wire.  We invite you to give us a call to explore all your security options.  Contrary to popular belief, barbed wire has several physical profiles to meet your needs.  It can be installed in a variety of manners to secure your property.  Take a look at our digital portfolio to view the breadth of our work.

Design Assistance

Fabricating a fence requires more than cutting timber.  There is an entire design process that must take place – even for the simplest fencing.  During the initial free consultation, the product specialist will record your concerns and document your wish list.  Once you give the green light, she will then hand the information over to the designer, along with key measurements.  We use CAD (computer aided design) to create all types of fence designs, from aluminum to wood.  The first mock up is presented to the client for approval.  Adjustments are made as needed.  Design assistance is included in the cost of all new fence installations.

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